Our mission is to provide honest support, resources, and connections to help female founders accomplish their goals.

Women are shaping the world's future.

  • Women develop new products and services.

  • Women create jobs.

  • Women make a positive social and economic difference.

  • Women entrepreneurs have the ability and responsibility to rise to the task of creating a new world.

  • Female Founders Lead the Way is a network of female founders dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals.

The network started as a group of women social entrepreneurs who met during the YC Female Founders Conference in San Francisco in 2015.




The network moved to a LinkedIn discussion group in 2016, reaching 600+ members. Group members are able to find one another, use search, and post jobs, discussions, and events to the shared discussion board inside LinkedIn.




In 2018 we moved to our own platform to facilitate cross-promotion, sharing, and knowledge of our members.


Join our network at our introductory rate as a paid member, and gain access to all the resources, events, directory listings, and ability to post to our social media channels: Annual Membership