Be a Resource to your Customers

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When we focus on building up our business, we sometimes get bogged down in the operations, the constant challenges, and the problems. However, when we take a step back and look at the big picture, we realize that any business is all about its customers. With no customers, there are no sales; and with no sales, there’s zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

When you embrace this fundamental aspect of building your company, you realize that providing “customer love” must be your most important focus, both in your website and in your person-to-person interactions.

Offer resources galore for both your existing clients and visitors. Your thoughtfulness shows that you appreciate and support your customers. Casual visitors will turn into your favorite customers based on your fabulous customer service!

Resources may be people, things, or information:

When you provide resource people, you offer links to other individuals, groups, or organizations that you feel comfortable recommending and whom you think your customers will benefit from contacting.

When you provide resource things, you supply actual physical tools, gadgets, or items that help your customers solve their problems, help them feel better or more productive, and give them ways to live better lives.

When you provide resource information, you provide answers to solve an existing need that your customers may or may not verbalize. Your ability to provide targeted resource information proves that you listen and that you keep your customers’ best interests at heart. Improve your customer care by focusing on how to be a useful resource to them.

In today’s micro-specific business world, when you identify and dominate your particular sphere of influence, you become even more of a resource to those involved in your field. Identify your niche and specific field of interest. Then become synonymous with that field of interest.

Because of your specific business interests and spheres of influence, you'll uncover and connect with clients or customers who self-identify with one or more of your specific, desired key phrases. For example, you might receive opportunities to provide book reviews or product reviews on items that fit those categories. You might enable advertising on your keywords. You might post original articles on hour desired subjects, or be invited to speak, teach, write, or publish more on those subjects. Finally, you'll have opportunities to meet others who hold interests similar to your own.

When you identify your own company or organizational niche, you will increase your “reach” into the target community within that niche. Your digital platform is a great place to start that process.

As you build up your resource list, your customers trust you more, and your potential partners, affiliates, sponsors, and advertisers gain better ways to work with you and support your work.


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