Tuesday Tips #06: Think About your End User - Show Respect!

Tuesday Tips #6

Best practices for multimedia 🌐🆗⁣

Sometimes you may find that elements you *personally* understand may not be comprehensible to others. ⁣

For example: buttons, links, images, arrows, emoji’s, embedded movies, and music may enhance some page visitors —- but might confuse others. 🤷‍♀️ ⁣

Get a sense of who your end users are and design for their needs. ⁣

✅ Keep it simple.⁣

✅ Reduce complexity.⁣

✅ Streamline your e-checkout process as much as possible.⁣

✅ Remove extra elements that detract from your message.⁣

Make it easy for your potential customer to take the next step with you and your business. 📈⁣


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