Tuesday Tips #09: Lay Down the Ground Rules Early

Tuesday Tips #9

If your e-mail box is free of junk mail, congratulations. 🎉 ⁣

You’re one of the few people whose e-mail addresses didn’t “escape” into the wild world of Internet bulk mailers. 😠 ⁣

If you do receive unwanted e-mail, you know how important it is to offer privacy and confidentiality to your own clients 😃 who entrust you with their e-mail 📩and contact information.⁣

Offer the following pages in a clear posted place: your privacy policy, your terms and conditions of use, and your policies regarding data sharing. We encourage you to display links to these items from every page, typically on a sidebar or on the bottom of the page in the footer area.⁣

Add a link to your 🗝 privacy policy from any contact form or order form where you require customer information. ⁣

⚙️Add a terms and conditions of use page to inform visitors about how to use your site and to protect you from copyright infringement.⁣

Add your shipping, payment, and⁣ return policies for more transparency and for ease of customer accessibility.⁣

There are a number of other ways you may demonstrate your company’s thoughtfulness about website usage. 🔧 ⁣

Consider featuring a “Logos” page where you offer different sizes of your logo to those who want to link to your pages or who need print quality versions of your logo. ⁣ 🤹‍♀️

Offer head shots in various sizes for your company staff. ⁣

Additionally, if you’re willing to allow links to your website from other websites, make this clear by offering a “link policy” page with instructions on how to appropriately link to your website.⁣

🏦You’ll want to include a copyright notice with your legal company name, your number of years in business, and how to contact you. ⁣

🏆You may have a Better Business Bureau certification or other directory certifications such as “Fair Trade Certified” or “Green Business.” ⁣

You may also be a part of a membership organization. Place these small graphics in your footer, and link to your directory listing or to a page that describes the importance of that membership.

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