Tuesday Tips #12: Make it Simple, Keep it Real

Make it Simple, Keep it Real

The more complex and cluttered your website is, the harder time your visitor has when she visits.

Keep it simple.

Take some extra time to review your content from a new visitor’s perspective. Common business website issues for the general public include:

  1. industry-specific jargon that a non-initiate would not understand (if your site is targeted to people who would understand your lexicon, by all means, stick to it; if you’re reaching out to people not familiar with your industry, at least add a glossary page)
  2. alphabet soup, with many abbreviations or acronyms that only specialists understand (just because you refer to it does not mean your customer understands it)
  3. cryptic navigation (test your site on people outside of your industry: if they find the navigation confusing, rework so it’s more straightforward)
  4. too many words (you don’t need to explain your entire procedure when only a few phrases, some well-placed diagrams, or an image will suffice)
  5. not enough information (your website is part of your sales team, so make it work just like a salesperson. Provide lists of features and benefits, offer internet specials, and add a buy now button.)
  6. no call to action (if your website doesn’t inform visitors of their next steps, they will not know what to do next. Explain their next step!)
  7. correct contact information (add your correct contact information to each page so visitors know how to find you)

Give your potential customers enough web-based information so they easily and naturally take the next step to saying yes to you and your services.


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