Tuesday Tips #13: Blog It! Be an Authority in your Field

Blog it!

A blog is easy to update and keeps you very current. Use your blog to create an informative, useful, and timely net that fishes out information, news, views, and opinions in your field.

Give readers meaningful explanations about your company by using blog posts to share your expertise.

Put yourself in great demand for services, products, and speaking or writing gigs as you post more quality blog items on your field of expertise, guest post on other blogs, promote new products and services, or highlight an interesting new initiative.

HINT: Do NOT post relentless commercial messages to your blog.

They’re not meaningful or engaging at all.

What will you post? Communicate from your own point of view, and make your posts engaging, relevant, or thought-provoking. Your readers don’t need to know the latest details of your personal life (relationships, shopping, pets, children) unless they are relevant to your company. Refrain from an excess of “corporate speak” or highly self-promoting blogging. Consider adding video or music.

Use multiple sources for inspiration, ideas, events, industry trends, and other “blog fodder,” including:

  • Daily or weekly news in your target area
  • Your business process
  • News that affects your industry or your clients
  • Books, articles or magazines you’re reading
  • Events that you attend, organize, or lead
  • Events from associations or membership groups
  • Initiatives within your company
  • Charitable drives, auctions, or events
  • Other blogs in your content area (do a web search on “Blog on _______” and fill in your topic area)
  • How-to articles
  • Articles specific to your readers’ interests

Your blog represents your unique viewpoint. When you maintain it with regular postings and a unique, active voice, you provide perspective and assistance to your readers. 


Checklists for improving your blog:

Is your blog/Does your blog:

  • Laid out in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way?
  • Offer links to archived posts by date?
  • Offer links to archived posts by category?
  • List an “About the Author” page with details?
  • Reference your company website when appropriate?
  • Offer search capability?
  • Include a “blogroll” or list of links to related sites?

Does your blog post:

  • Cover a trend, news item, development, event, or key player within the blog topic of interest?
  • Display an informative title?
  • Appear well-researched, timely, useful?
  • Include relevant keywords? Include related posts?
  • Include a picture, table, or chart for visual interest?
  • Contain clear, fact-checked links?
  • Consist of only your own materials or clearly states any links to other authors’ works?
  • Omit offensive, inflammatory material?


In addition, did you:

  • Spell-check?
  • Grammar check?
  • Check punctuation?
  • Fact check?
  • Edit for clarity?
  • Add related topics, hyperlinks, or relevant images?
  • Sign your name or personalize your post?
  • Add a link to your company, if desired?


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