Tuesday Tips #14: Calendar it -- Keep Updated with Current Events

Calendar it

Create a calendar as a go-to reference for relevant events in your field.

Because of information overload and the openness of the Internet, web visitors appreciate when you filter, synthesize, and sort all the available events into a concise “must-attend” list. Such a calendar will help your visitors keep abreast of local or Internet-based events.

Ideas for events: networking events, informational seminars, speaker panels, conventions, book readings, work parties, volunteer opportunities, or other gatherings.

Use a calendar or set of calendars to organize your own work schedule and allow time for at least one networking event per month. For example, if you’ve been invited to speak on a panel, schedule this into your web calendar so web visitors know where they may find you. They might not actually attend, but your visitors will at least know your availability.

If your company offers its own events or you require RSVPs, consider adding an ‘RSVP online’ option to your calendar.

Checklist for what to include in your calendar:

  • Start date and end date
  • Start time/s and end time/s
  • Title of event
  • Short description of event
  • Contact person for the event
  • Informational website link, if any
  • Prices for members/clients
  • Prices for the general public
  • RSVP online, if available
  • Calendar in grid format or in list format
  • Consistent display for events

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