Tuesday Tips #15: Share the White Papers

Share the White Papers

In some fields, you provide a valuable service when you offer up-to-date information.

A delay of even a month on time-sensitive data may mean a different outcome to someone’s business.

Consider offering white papers as background research to web visitors who may need highly specific information to make an informed decision.

While you need not add proprietary code, trade secrets, or private information, you may add facts, figures, graphs, charts, preliminary studies, or research papers on your field.

Query experts in related fields to provide information that will help your consumer make a better decision.

For example:

  • a graphic designer may offer a printer’s perspective on styles, paper stock, quantities, color options, and document preparation for printing
  • a food website offers professional chef recipes, food styling tips, or restaurant reviews
  • a baby products website offers parents’ reviews or parenting articles

When you offer a library of reading material, downloadable samples, or even mini-versions of your full product, your potential customers can evaluate the quality and relevance of your resources to their needs.

Use HTML, PDF, Flash, or other well-known formats to make sure your files display the way you intend.

The content within your website must be your company’s original content, and you must have permission (if needed) to distribute it.

Protect your company by adding your logo, the paper’s author and biography, links, and even a watermark, if desired.

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