Tuesday Tips #16: Add Calculators and Estimators

Tuesday Tip #16

If your work requires an estimate that you give to a client in order to proceed, consider offering a quote generator or an online calculator.

For example, in the website development business, an easy rule of thumb is to estimate the cost based on the complexity of the design, the number of pages, and the functional modules desired. Fixed costs include the domain and hosting. In this case, an estimate calculator will help a potential customer determine the cost of her proposed website. The customer can also change variables to see how different choices impact the final estimate for her project.

Financial services companies, mortgage firms, banks, and any company that deals with figures may offer online calculators to help web visitors understand the factors involved in finding their “magic number.” These tools make your customers’ discovery process easier. Offer as much as possible to help customers understand your pricing before they connect with you in person or over the phone.

Checklist for interactive calculators/estimators:

  • Do you offer job-based or fixed pricing?
    • If so, show your calculations for greater transparency.
    • If not, do you offer a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for potential customers to understand your process or rates?
  • If you offer quotes, do you have an online estimate generator or a costs calculator?
    • Can potential customers change variables to check for different options?
    • Can potential customers e-mail their results to you?
    • Can potential customers e-mail their results to themselves for easy reference?
  •  Do you need sign-up or login information to request a quote?


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