Tuesday Tips #17: Provide “Ask the Expert” Pages

Tuesday Tips #17 Ask the Expert

Whether you consider yourself an expert or not, if you’re in business, you’re providing deep knowledge and skills in a particular content area. This knowledge qualifies you as an expert!

When you share your expertise, you provide a genuine resource to both current and potential customers.

An easy way to share is to offer a column or regularly updated section comprising frequently asked questions and your answers, tools, or recommendations.

For example, a column entitled, “Ask the Interior Decorator” may contain a section with design tips for challenging spaces. “Ask the Painter” may offer recommendations on colors, paint brands, or tools. “Ask the Financial Expert” may display your particular expertise on stock picks, market trends, industry information, or retirement-related concerns. “Ask the Vet” may offer breeder-specific or animal-specific answers.

Because people who are visiting your website want to know your general “tone” and personality, use this section to promote your expertise. Help your visitors decide if you are the one they want to hire for their specific project.

Furthermore, if you are on the receiving end of many similar questions, answer them in your “Ask the Expert” page and give your visitor a place to begin her conversation with you. An “Ask the Expert” component will enhance the efficiency of your website and save your visitors time, as well.

Some businesses may use this section to further specify their particular type of client. For example, if you do kitchen remodels in a particular price range, this section is a great opportunity to mention that range and further specify if the website visitor “fits” your own target client list.

Checklist for sections that share expertise:

  • Credentials clearly established?
  • Content within the section updated regularly?
  • Visitors may submit a question to the expert?
  • Additional contact information as needed
  • May customers contact the expert directly?
  • List any disclaimers or policies to protect the expert advisor

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