Tuesday Tips #18: Make it Fun / Add a Quiz or Poll

Tuesday Tips #18

Polls and quizzes add levity and a bit of entertainment to the typically tedious task of searching for a vendor online. Your quiz may be a way for visitors to “see how much they know” about your industry, with two to five questions that you’d like to ask. Your poll provides a way for you to gauge a response to your own questions. For example, for a site focused on product software, you might provide a poll asking what version users are currently using.

Make sure your quiz, poll, or questionnaire adds value to your site. If it’s relevant, sheds more light on your service, provides quick information to other visitors, or gives you information about who is visiting, use it.

Make sure your quiz or poll does not require registration (if you want people to actually participate). If you choose to require an e-mail address, add that input form after the participant has answered the quiz. No one wants to be badgered into participating, so make sure your quiz is welcoming and user-friendly. Use multiple- choice or true/false answers, as open-ended questions may become unruly to collect and display. Offer a way for participants to view all the answers, typically after they’ve answered the question.

An interactive module like your poll or quiz is a fun way to gain insight from your visitors.


Remember to update your questions on a regular basis!

Checklist for polls, quizzes, or questionnaires:

  • Update polls or other interactive features on a regular basis?
  • Your poll or quiz does not require personal information to participate
  • Decide if visitors may view results without participating?
  • Graphs or charts as needed, to show the outcome of a poll
  • Questions are true/false or multiple-choice?

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