Tuesday Tips #23: Lighten Up - use Humor

Tuesday Tips #23

Humor, if used judiciously, goes a long way towards entertaining your visitors and letting them know more about you and your company’s sense of fun, humor, playfulness, or creativity.

If your site does not benefit from humor, then please disregard this tip! 

But if your site does allow an opportunity for you to provide a respite for today’s busy, left-brain-focused worker, take it. There’s a reason newspaper readers open up the Sunday Funnies section first and magazine readers go to the back page to see the silly picture or the comical illustration.

Some ideas for a humorous section to add to your website include: “Humor at Work,” “Funny Stories from the Field,” “Joke of the Week,” “Picture of the Month,” or “Overheard in the Office.” You might also include items like bloopers, “easter eggs” (hidden messages), or “Stories from our Customers” to provide more insight into your company or organizational “vibe.”

Many of your web visitors will appreciate your sense of humor if it gives them better insight into a potential working relationship with you. Use your judgement.

Checklist for humorous content:
 Is your website a banking, financial, or legal site? If so, be very careful about using humor on your website.
 Is your business zany, irreverent, creative, or whimsical? If so, consider adding:

 Funny stories
 Jokes or silly situations
 “Overheard” dialogue
 Funny, entertaining pictures

 Disallow off-topic or off-putting humor
 Add disclaimers and notices, if needed
 Make sure that all humor is tasteful and appropriate!

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