Tuesday Tips #01: Prepare Yourself: How much are you Willing to Invest?

Tuesday Tips #01

Your website is probably the first big investment you'll make into your business.⠀

Our global information age means that your website is not optional. It is expected. Our 24/7 mentality also means that your website will be queried during and outside of your personal working hours. When you clearly label information, you do more than make it easy for a visitor to find an answer to her question, understand your pricing, or sign up for an account with your business. You also establish an automatic advantage because your website works for you, both as an integral part of your business process and as a means of extending your company’s accessibility and reach.⠀


As you add website functionality and your site becomes more user-friendly and easier to understand, you’ll contact an increasing number of customers; and as you grow your customer base, you’ll automate even more procedures on your website.⠀


I recommend that you constantly brainstorm ways to increase your website efficiency to provide value to your business and to your customers. Work with a trusted web advisor to enhance functioning, boost your company’s reputation, and improve your business processes.⠀

Keep these four items in mind when you're starting out with building your website: domains, hosting, files, and maintenance. In order to get your website fully operational through the first two years, consider setting aside about 10% of your overall budget for your business startup costs, to invest into  web development in the first 3-6 months. If you're not ready yet, start building out your social media presence, then when ready, grab the domain name from a domain name registrar and your hosting from a reputable provider. We recommend the Drupal content management system for your files, and then keep on top of any code updates or ask your provider.⠀

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