Tuesday Tips #03: Design Necessities: Be Bold and Succinct

Tuesday Tips #03

The look and feel of your site conveys important clues to your users about your industry, your company’s standards, and your organization’s quality. Certain designs trigger certain reactions and expectations in your visitors. Pay particular attention to color, layout, font style, and user interface. 🎨⁣⠀

As you go through the design process, consider your message & your target client. Other websites in your field may yield clues, so do a search for your competitors or partners. Sometimes stereotypes do play a role. Sites targeting women are typically pink 💗or other pastel colors and have rounded shapes and edges, while sites targeting men are deeper colors with more angular edges.⁣⠀

Add pictures of people if yours is a service-related business. ⠀

 ➡️Never go with a design that you don’t like; your site represents you and your company, so make sure your design fits your overall brand.⠀

Color is a major indicator of the overall function of a site. There is a reason why most financial sites are white and blue; similarly, food-related sites are shades of green, brown, and red, and gaming sites are in black or dark green with white script. Choose an overall palette and stick with it.⠀



We always recommend that you use sans-serif fonts for your text, and we recommend that you minimize the types of fonts and the variations in font-size that display on any web page. Use color, bolds, or italics to specify different headings and sub-headings.⠀

When you implement your layout, provide obvious signposts and visual clues to your visitor. When navigation is consistent, your user feels comfortable clicking because she is confident of where she is and where she is going. Develop a “flow” so the typical user goes from her normal questions to eminently clear answers. When a business website is clearly laid out, the user stays. When a business website is clearly laid out and includes engaging content, the user stays longer, visits more pages, and becomes more involved.⠀

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