Tuesday Tips #07: Get Feedback and Provide New Features

Tuesday Tips #7

As you start to receive feedback or requests through your digital platforms, you’ll begin to hear the same comments or similar questions from multiple visitors. ⁣

In response to these #feedbackloops, consider implementing new features that match your users’ needs.⁣

Examples of inexpensive new features include a FAQs section, a daily photo or quote, and automatic sign-up systems. ⁣More examples:

  • Your “Frequently-Asked Questions” section gives a confused visitor a good place to start. ⁣
  • A quote or photo personalizes your business.⁣
  • An estimate calculator gives visitors an opportunity to make rough estimates online. ⁣
  • Automatic membership and login sections give your users immediate access to the parts of your platform they require.⁣
  • Additional features that may be helpful include forums or bulletin boards with questions and answers from other community members, automatic payment systems to direct users to an electronic download, or a “forms” page with required PDFs.⁣ ⁣

As your business grows, you will automate even more basic procedures so the “flow” your web visitors experience approximates the intake procedure an on-site client receives.⁣

Checklist for business processes online:⁣

✅ Which paper forms may you convert to web- based forms?⁣

✅ Which functions do your customers constantly ask for?⁣

✅ May parts of your customer service be automated on the web?⁣

✅ Do you offer online payments?⁣

✅ Can a customer change an address online, or do holds or cancellations online?⁣

✅ Forgotten passwords may be resent?⁣

✅ Forms may be downloaded in PDF format?⁣

✅ Registrations or applications available online?⁣

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