Tuesday Tips #10: Keep Contact Information Current

Keep Contact Information Current

When you are encouraging your customers, associates, and friends to contact you, so give them clear instructions on how to do so. Since people like to connect with you by phone, via e-mail, or in person, cover all three preferred methods:

  • put your phone number on every page,
  • include a link to your e-mail contact form, and
  • post a list of any events, seminars, or panels that you’re attending or your company is sponsoring.

An e-mail contact form on your website does not need to show your actual e-mail address. One tip is to convert the e-mail link into a graphic (to reduce spam) or hide it in language only a real, live human may decode, like this: myname (at) my address (dot) com.

If you have multiple staff members, use a succinct explanation to direct your visitors to the right person to get their questions answered. For example, "for media and press inquiries, please visit our Press Releases page" or "emails at our organization follow the format first name . last initial @ ourwebsite.com, so for example jane.s@ourwebsite.com would reach Jane Smith.

Simple instructions will reduce confusion on your visitor’s part.

You may want to sign up for a “Recaptcha.net” account, which offers your developer a snippet of code to further protect your e-mail address or website contact form submissions. This “captcha” deters automatic spammer programs and encourages a live person to read and type in two separate words to prove they are a real website user and not a bot.

Do you have a Google Voice number or another way for you to share a cell phone number? Consider using an additional number if you need to keep your personal number private.

Get a toll-free phone number at any of the multiple online services.

Additionally, consider signing up for an e-mailbox so you may also receive physical mail to an address you specify. Again, there are many online services for this, search for "virtual mailbox."



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