Tuesday Tips #24: Be a Good Host, Network and Share

Tuesday Tips #24

Your digital properties are your home on the web where you will continuously act as hostess to numerous visitors, interested parties, and passers-by who visit you online. Consider ways in which you may extend hospitality to other people in your field of interest by knowing how to be a good guest, too!

My biggest recommendation for networking is, in the words of Dante, from a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Participate, help, and find ways to provide value to the people with whom you work online. All of us working together truly make a larger difference.

For example,

  • If a well-known influencer invites you to provide a guest post for her, add a link to this fact on your own website, and invite your own readers to participate with comments.
  • If you’re tasked with providing online content for your membership group’s e-newsletter, consider ways to write a fresh, informative, and useful article, such as a Top Ten list that’s relevant to the news today.
  • If you’re in charge of press releases, compile a list of public relations specialists who benefit from being “in the know” about news in your specific industry, and send them any groundbreaking initiatives that your company undertakes.


Be a good guest when you’re part of the overall network that makes up all of our shared community, and you’ll find yourself learning how to be a gentle, influential, and persuasive host, too. This approach will translate into a bigger bottom line for your own ideas, products, and services. You’ll also have opportunities to draw from a larger pool of people willing to share with you because of the many times you have participated and shared as a guest on their projects.

To make it easier to share your information, compile the following into a page and post it prominently on your website:

• your contact information

• your headshot in JPG format at web-ready 72 dpi resolution and print-ready 300 dpi resolution

• a 3-paragraph biography
• a summary of you and your services
• a collection of your quotes
• any supporting information such as licensing, degrees, awards, or accolades


Then followup when anyone reaches out for your wise words.

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