Tuesday Tips #25: You’re a Clearinghouse, Link to Subject Matter

Tuesday Tips #25

Subject matter changes quickly as knowledge grows in a particular field. Today’s information worker processes hundreds of pieces of information in a month from newspapers, radio, television, and internet usage. As a result of the ever-expanding knowledge base in the world, your reputation as someone “in the know” helps your customers and clients trust your judgement.

Act as a clearinghouse of select information by incorporating the following into your industry:

  • Articles in the news that directly impact your clients
  • Editorials on trends in your industry
  • Tools such as software or physical objects being released in your field
  • Upcoming or expected government regulation in your field
  • Policy changes that impact your company
  • International trends or agreements that impact clients
  • Emerging trends that your customers may not know
  • Scenarios or potential situations that your customers should be aware of

As you add up-to-date information on your industry, others will view your site as a trusted information source. Arrange your site in a way that highlights your abilities to share multiple pieces of information that affect your clients.

I recommend adding a “Resources” section that you categorize by tool or by subject matter. Maintain this resources section with up-to-date resource links, and encourage your website visitors to bookmark you and send you “tips.”

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