Tuesday Tips #27: Share Links: High Quality means High Results

Tuesday Tips #27

Search engine listings typically count the number of incoming and outgoing links from your pages. When your page has hundreds or thousands of incoming links, search engines add a level of “authority” to your web page: this level increases your page ranking in search results. 

Exchange links with other high-quality websites to promote your company. When you exchange a link with another website owner, check the accuracy of the link and spell-check the descriptive text. Refrain from posting on “splogs” (fake blogs) or on sites that primarily consist of unrelated links or paid links. These do not assist your page ranking.

When you consider linking with another site, think quality over quantity. A well-placed link from another high-ranking website means much more than a number of links from poorly-ranked websites. Pass on any opportunities that involve “shady” subjects, companies with which you don’t want to be involved, or topical areas you prefer to decline.

If you find your website linked to a page with questionable content, politely ask the webmaster to remove your link. On the other hand, if you desire a link from a website with very high-quality content and high page rankings, ask nicely, consider ways to promote that website that benefit both of you, or find ways to make the outgoing link to your site worth the site owner’s effort.

Some ways to add links are to develop relationships with high-ranked bloggers or authority figures within your niche market, to join a “web ring” or list of links shared by multiple websites within a particular subject, or to specifically ask the contact person of the website with whom you wish to be affiliated.

Remember to be sweet, and you’ll get more sweetness in return!

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