Tuesday Tips #31: Comment Thoughtfully on Other Sites

A suggestion for expanding your network of interested clients online is to use your person-to- person skills to visit, comment on, and contribute to websites that you enjoy reading.

For example, when you participate in a blog community, you provide thoughtful commentary and possible additions or updates to the author’s blog posts. Refrain from posting “drive-by comments.” For a comment to be useful, you actually must take the time to understand the blog author’s platform, to provide helpful comments, suggestion, or criticism, to subscribe to their feed, or to otherwise engage with the author/s. Many bloggers become your trusted business associates because of the types of comments you post and the quality of your responses to the situations they blog about.

There are a number of web visitors who get most of their news through news readers, through pre-set alerts on certain subject keywords, or through aggregators. Being specific in every item that you post on and always including comments, keywords, or search engine phrases that match your business will help interested parties “find” you.

When posting comments, include a link to your own website, and remember that your comments may be picked up by the search engines. For consistency, while you are networking via comment boards or comments on postings, do exercise prudence.

As a note, if you find errors, omissions, typos, or incorrect information on a website, do bring that information to the web contact or the blog owner: they will be able to correct their errors and provide even more useful, professional information.

Finally, when you are a part of a blogroll or a community of people who link to each other, keep the conversation going and periodically “tag” each other with “memes” that are easy ways to personalize the subject matter or provide even more information. You’ll find many others who share your interests: connect with them via your website, and reap the benefits of having friends and associates all over the world.

Tuesday Tips #31

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