Tuesday Tips #33: Photo Gallery - Provide Samples of your Work

Tuesday Tips #33

A well-placed photo gallery does wonders to demonstrate your work. Collect images and videos of your work: simple digital camera pics or even scans of hard copies will be effective. Take some time to edit your display collection into specific categories, such as color, industry, or topical area. Choose the best samples, and display them proudly.

Place your images in a photo gallery section with the ability for the user to click-through to larger versions, if available. You may use your web statistics to review which galleries web visitors navigate to most often: place those popular galleries at a higher level or highlight them on your homepage.

If your company allows it or it fits your mission, also consider adding an “upload your own” section for website visitors. These may be informal sections such as “viewer suggestions” or “post a solution” to solicit your website visitors’ creative process. You’ll want a way to easily delete potentially negative images if you offer a public section like this.

Before and after photos tend to be very popular with your web visitors. Professional organizers, interior decorators, and landscapers use this function to very good effect on their websites. Also consider product demonstrations, wrap-around views, schematics, randomized images, or rotating views to enhance your gallery.

Some tools to help organize your photos include Flickr or MPix or Google Photos. If you’d like to put your photos onto merchandise (mugs, cards, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc.), consider uploading your images to Zazzle or Cafepress. All of these provide easy ways to display your images, and all allow you to copy-and-paste codes that link these products to your website.

As a final note, always make sure that any photos are easy for your web visitor to review: strive to “optimize” your photos by reducing the size and the dots per inch so they load into a web browser efficiently and easily.


Checklist for photo galleries:

 Photo Gallery includes Title of Photo, Description, and/or Photographer Credit

 Ask for permission from photographers and/or subjects

 Images are no more than 800 pixels wide or 800 pixels high

 Try saving images at a lower resolution for website delivery

 If you are concerned about reproduction of your own images, add a watermark or other identifying mark to your photos

 For additional copyright management, display your photos at a low resolution or smaller size

 Choose photo-sharing software or online tools that do not require registration for visitors to view your work

 Place links to your photo gallery throughout your site

 Sprinkle randomized photos on your web pages

 Photos reflect your organization, clientele, and/ or staff

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