Using IFTTT to expand Twitter reach 6000% in 3 months

I’m a big fan of automation and have written about my attempts to build a Dexter-enabled chatbot that sends inspirational quotes (Chatbots Magazine, My Bot Beginnings).

Lately I’ve been exploring the tool and all the “applets” that are offered, in an effort to coordinate and organize and “push” the information I’m most interested in, to my Twitter feed at @FemaleFounders1

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According to Twitter Analytics, in May 2017, I started out with about 1.6k in impressions and looking at historical data, I had about 160 followers. By end of July 2017, that is at 115k in impressions and 450 followers.


I started using IFTTT to enable a number of tools to pull and automate posting, such as:

  1. Google Alerts via RSS Feed
  2. New videos from YouTube subscriptions I follow
  3. Our own content submitted by our community of female founders at the blog
  4. Integration with Wikipedia
  5. Integration with Reddit
  6. Integration with LinkedIn
  7. Integration with Medium
  8. “Timed” messages, i.e. every Wednesday, or every day at 11:00, or every 2nd Thursday.

I started to see some results in June 2017 — an increase to 63.5k impressions which I solely attribute to more tweets being posted, as well as more timeliness around publication (typically the day of, if not a few hours after information gets published on the interwebs). That’s about a 3800% increase in the 30 day period.


From the latest data of the past 30 days, I’m now seeing a 6000+% increase in impressions, and 404 followers— and July is not yet finished! Again, I attribute this to the expanding numbers of tweets with appropriate hashtags, as well as the increase in followers (and subsequent retweets and likes).


June 21-July 20, 2017: 104.1k impressions, up from May 2017: 1.6k impressions

I’ve recently enabled Crowdfire and Tweetdelete to see if I can both increase engagement as well as reduce clutter on that feed.

I’ve also put into rotation the fine work of our newer contributors such as Jessica FrechRenata GeorgeEllen RileyImju ByonChloé BonnetRania HoteitSara TatenoDr. Carol Lynn CurchoeVirginia Ginger BisekSydney Johnson, and Priya Iyer. And of course, I have huge appreciation and gratitude to early contributors Isis AnchaleeTod Francis, and Sandi MacPherson — thank you for your support of founders, entrepreneurs, and women making a positive difference through their ventures.

I do see the importance of having a pre-built set of tools that automate the process of marketing, that is exceptionally focused on your specific ideas and the unique message you want to spread in the world personally or on behalf of your brand, company, or project’s behalf.

More feedback:


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 23, 2017 = 106.7k impressions


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 25, 2017 = 108.3k impressions


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 26, 2017 = 112.2k impressions


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 27, 2017 = 113.2k impressions


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 30, 2017 = 115.1k impressions


Twitter Data 30 days prior to July 31, 2017 = 115.6k impressions

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