Women Entrepreneurs Lead the Way - Akrashie Naa Borley and Bracelet Crews

Bracelet Crews

As the founder and CEO of Bracelet Crews, Akrashie Naa Borley makes a positive difference for herself and others through creating heartfelt, beautifully hand crafted pieces that support the needs, goals, and desires of women. With a focus on individual empowerment, the simple beauty of working alongside other women and supporting other women's dreams, and a desire to create heartfelt connection with the power inside each of us, she has boldly stepped forward into the jewelry market to create charming accessories for a "strong generation who believes in life and knows that together, we can achieve anything."



Empowering and advocating for women come naturally for Akrashie, and she's always up for the challenge of the hustle. "I started Bracelets Crews to make more money for me and the women I work with," she asserts, and through her daily work in growing the brand, she's finding that her entrepreneurial spirit is helping her grow in unexpected ways. She's learning as she goes along, and is continuing to educate herself and expand her knowledge, from setting up the business, identifying accounting systems, developing the brand, and connecting with others in the fashion and lifestyle markets.


She appreciates the opportunity to work alongside other women around the world. "I've worked with entrepreneurs from Ghana, to Montreal, to Washington, DC, and I learn something new from everyone I work with," she explains. She's tapped into the spirit of global social enterprise by communicating and connecting with women designers, marketers, and finance professionals, and she's expanding her personal network by swapping tips and tools with other female founders at places like the Simbi bartering marketplace and the LinkedIn professional network.


What is one of her biggest challenges? "An ongoing struggle for me is connecting with my audience as much as I want to," she confides. "I'm seeking to connect with women who see beauty in their surroundings and understand that with life, you can achieve anything," she states, pointing to one of her recent pieces, the Butterfly Charm. Since antiquity, butterflies symbolize deep transformation, commitment, and growth due to their four-stage life cycle and their emergence, from humble grounded caterpillar, to glorious flying butterfly.


"The butterfly, to me, is a deep and powerful representation of life," explains Akrashie, "and because of that, I feel like the charm is a great way to embody the spirit of endurance, change, hope, and a commitment to making the best of life --- to anyone who wears the bracelet." This particular bracelet is centered around silver and gold plating with a popcorn chain, and includes pendants filled with healing crystals. Akrashie herself has gone through a transformative process of her own, from coming up with the original idea for the jewelry, finding online vendors, managing the secure online shopping cart, sourcing materials, writing descriptions, and growing her committed clientele of repeat customers. "The charm bracelet is here to serve as a spark in your life, to constantly remind you of your worth," she declares. With a sunny smile, she continues, "women need to feel and look beautiful, and for me, I've always thought that accessories are an elegant way to add a special touch. When you are confident about your look and yourself, then I don't see what you can't achieve. Bracelets specifically have the power to add class and beauty to a person, irrespective of what they're wearing."

Bracelet Crews

Through her work, Akrashie seeks to create the collaborative connections that she knows happen when community becomes the focus. "My team and I are super passionate about making our customers happy, so we make sure our prices are low, but we maintain the high quality we know our customers appreciate." On her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/braceletcrews/  and her Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/braceletcrews/ Akrashie highlights her work and also reaches out to customers to ask what are the challenges they're facing, and what kinds of solutions they think they'd like to focus on as we navigate the 21st century, together. As a true community-builder, she states "I enjoy making these products available, and knowing that my customers enjoy them too is a big part of what keeps me going."

Bracelet Crews is offering a special on the homepage, for new customers. Connect with Akrashie directly and send your thoughts through her contact form. https://braceletcrews.com/pages/contact-us


"It's so rewarding to see that the bracelet I sell puts a smile on my client's face, and it's so important to me to know that she cares, she works hard to advance in the direction of her dreams, and that I'm fully supportive of her efforts."


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