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May 21, 2020


By Alaina Posey


The ability to network strategically and effectively has launched many successful careers. Business networking is the process of establishing mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners, potential clients, and referral sources. While most agree that networking is a key component of any thriving entrepreneur, many find it difficult making this practice a priority.  This may be especially true for women, who don’t always feel comfortable advocating for themselves.


Benefits of Business Networking… read more

May 14, 2020

by Alaina Posey


Being a businesswoman is a challenge. Not only are women held to a higher standard than men, their behavior can often be used against them. Mistakes are inevitable, but with experience, many can be avoided. 


Mistake #1.  Failing to Delegate

Let’s be honest; you want to try and do everything yourself. After all, you’re a woman, right? By nature, women wear a variety of hats.  You may be a wife, mother, caregiver, housekeeper, CEO – just to name a few.  You’re used to juggling a variety of responsibilities on a… read more

May 07, 2020

By Alaina M. Posey 2/17/20


Today more than ever before, women worldwide are being recognized as powerful leaders in business. By overcoming stereotypes, setting new benchmarks, and writing new rules, women entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with. But what makes a successful entrepreneur?  Let’s look at 4 essential qualities for a driven female entrepreneur.

Confidence.   In order to reach your goals, you must believe in yourself.  A fear of failure (or any fear really) can easily hold you back and prevent you from pushing past your comfort zone.  The best way to overcome your fears is… read more

Feb 11, 2020

A well-placed photo gallery does wonders to demonstrate your work. Collect images and videos of your work: simple digital camera pics or even scans of hard copies will be effective. Take some time to edit your display collection into specific categories, such as color, industry, or topical area. Choose the best samples, and display them proudly.

Place your images in a photo gallery section with the ability for the user to click-through to larger versions, if available. You may use your web statistics to review which galleries web visitors navigate to most often: place those popular galleries at a higher level or highlight them on your homepage.

If your company allows it or it fits your mission, also consider adding an “… read more

Feb 04, 2020

Being Filipino means my family knows how to eat well. While I was growing up, my mom (and grandmothers) always told me to have food only at a restaurant where there are lots of other people in line.

Have you ever joined a line for a restaurant because there were other people in line?

Have you ever chosen a particular dentist, doctor, pediatrician, or any kind of specialist based on your friend’s or family member’s recommendation?

People “love” to go with other people’s recommendations.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling—it may be cell phone service, tires, computers, organic fruit snacks, lumber, or handicrafts. Your customers, if they spread the word about you, will be your biggest salespeople because… read more

Jan 28, 2020

A suggestion for expanding your network of interested clients online is to use your person-to- person skills to visit, comment on, and contribute to websites that you enjoy reading.

For example, when you participate in a blog community, you provide thoughtful commentary and possible additions or updates to the author’s blog posts. Refrain from posting “drive-by comments.” For a comment to be useful, you actually must take the time to understand the blog author’s platform, to provide helpful comments, suggestion, or criticism, to subscribe to their feed, or to otherwise engage with the author/s. Many bloggers become your trusted business associates because of the types of comments you post and the quality of your responses to the… read more

Jan 14, 2020

If you have a product or service that benefits from a “show-and-tell” approach, consider creating a demonstration section on your homepage, or create a series of video posts explaining different aspects of your business. Human beings respond very well to moving images, especially videos with people, animals, or babies, sound effects, or three- dimensional objects.

If your product or service demands a more in- depth review that would benefit from the highly visual nature of film, tell your story using your image and voice. Some samples to think about include: hosting a job site or office walk-through, demonstrating your process in a step-by-step manner, including testimonials from other customers, animating an item and rotating… read more

Jan 07, 2020

Why bother with social networking? With the incredible amounts of visual and audio information out there, you have little time to make an impact. Many of us receive thousands of advertising messages a day. So, in response, some resort to personal recommendations from friends, family, and associates. If referrals are the lifeblood of any organization, and reputation-based word of mouth is one of the most trusted and highest-converting methods of making a sale, then your ability to get your message out to “people who make a difference” will enhance your net profit, guaranteed.

The curve of information is steadily and quickly moving towards social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. User-generated content,… read more

Dec 31, 2019

Many smart women know how to succeed academically or do a great job in the office, but how many realize that most of their professional lives are determined by "who they know?"

Who do you know?

Who do you work with?

Is “who will help us?” your first question when you tackle a new project or initiative?

The "who" question, probably the most important question, will be the first to pop into your mind when you need to find contacts that help you with your current task at hand.

For example, if a catering company commits to landing five new clients, all in the $15k - $20k range per event, which questions might they ask?


The question of WHY?

Probably not a great starting… read more

Dec 24, 2019

Search engine listings typically count the number of incoming and outgoing links from your pages. When your page has hundreds or thousands of incoming links, search engines add a level of “authority” to your web page: this level increases your page ranking in search results. 

Exchange links with other high-quality websites to promote your company. When you exchange a link with another website owner, check the accuracy of the link and spell-check the descriptive text. Refrain from posting on “splogs” (fake blogs) or on sites that primarily consist of unrelated links or paid links. These do not assist your page ranking.

When you consider linking with another site, think quality over quantity. A well-placed link from… read more

Dec 18, 2019

You'll learn how to effectively increase your net profits, build a base of loyal fans, and improve your triple bottom line after implementing these tips and tools for your website. "Everyone has a level playing field on the Web," says Flores, a programmer since age 9. She's collected nine years of research as a web consultant into this easy-to-use, practical resource. She focuses on business-building tools and their immediate application on your website to increase your online sales. Sharing is the key to success, and Flores' down-to-earth suggestions give women in business a competitive edge through smart, spirited internet marketing. Learn how to share knowledge, build resources, target clients, increase usability, and measure your… read more

Dec 02, 2019

When people trust you, you are one step ahead of any other vendor they have in mind. Trust forms the basis of many relationships, and the mutually beneficial relationship that customers and providers share depends on trust.

I recommend you take some time during your business planning process every year to develop an “Ideal Client Template” of your desired customers. When you do this, you make it easier and faster to identify and “sort” the people you’ll potentially serve.

Is your lead an ideal client or would they be better served somewhere else? Who is your client? What types of issues do they deal with on a daily basis? How do they feel? How will you assist them? Where do they live and work? What’s their typical… read more

Sep 10, 2019
Angel Guard Fashion Designs Reduce Violence

In all things entrepreneurship, there is a focus on solving problems. In most instances, this comes with changes to existing systems or products that “outrank” the past.

Angel Guard Fashion has taken the concept of entrepreneurship and focused on solving a major global issue - the epidemic of violence.

Angel Guard Fashion began development in 2016 and has just launched their first line of fashion - self-defense products.

Over 2 years ago, there were a number of incidents that I saw in the community, especially while traveling, in which attacks would occur and literally destroy the lives of the family members for years. What was even more disheartening was there was… read more

Jul 23, 2019

Subject matter changes quickly as knowledge grows in a particular field. Today’s information worker processes hundreds of pieces of information in a month from newspapers, radio, television, and internet usage. As a result of the ever-expanding knowledge base in the world, your reputation as someone “in the know” helps your customers and clients trust your judgement.

Act as a clearinghouse of select information by incorporating the following into your industry:

Articles in the news that directly impact your clients Editorials on trends in your industry Tools such as software or physical objects being released in your field Upcoming or expected government regulation in your field Policy changes that impact your company… read more

Jul 16, 2019

Your digital properties are your home on the web where you will continuously act as hostess to numerous visitors, interested parties, and passers-by who visit you online. Consider ways in which you may extend hospitality to other people in your field of interest by knowing how to be a good guest, too!

My biggest recommendation for networking is, in the words of Dante, from a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Participate, help, and find ways to provide value to the people with whom you work online. All of us working together truly make a larger difference.

For example,

If a well-known influencer invites you to provide a guest post for her, add a link to this fact on your own website, and invite your own… read more

Jul 09, 2019

Humor, if used judiciously, goes a long way towards entertaining your visitors and letting them know more about you and your company’s sense of fun, humor, playfulness, or creativity.

If your site does not benefit from humor, then please disregard this tip! 

But if your site does allow an opportunity for you to provide a respite for today’s busy, left-brain-focused worker, take it. There’s a reason newspaper readers open up the Sunday Funnies section first and magazine readers go to the back page to see the silly picture or the comical illustration.

Some ideas for a humorous section to add to your website include: “Humor at Work,” “Funny Stories from the Field,” “Joke of the Week,” “Picture of the Month,” or “… read more

Jul 03, 2019

The Untamed Priestess is my way to help millennial women break free from societal pressures - to help them become untamed, undomesticated. Basically, I help women build the confidence to live the life THEY want, versus what they currently believe is expected of them.

The most rewarding part is when I see a client's "click." This is when the thoughts suddenly shift, the lightbulb goes off. Her shoulders usually straighten out, her chin lifts. It's a magical moment and I'm so thankful that I get to have that sort of impact on women today.
I would say the hardest part, the biggest struggle, is when I see a woman who is *right there,* and then an old fear kicks in and we retreat back into the woman she thinks she needs to be,… read more

Jul 02, 2019

One of the easiest ways to promote your business is to add your name, title, contact information, and a tag line to your outgoing e-mail.


Add your phone number, e-mail address, and postal mail address, as desired. Consider adding additional links to your LinkedIn profile, and also consider adding a blog page, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or other social networking tool that matches your business model.

When contact information is added to your signature, correspondents may easily connect with you. Potential customers can connect with you if they’ve seen your e-mail on a listserv or your message was forwarded from a friend. What’s more, a tag line, motto, or additional keywords give e-mail correspondents… read more

Jun 25, 2019

Online forums function like community information centers: people post and respond on topics of interest. For some forums a user must register and wait for approval before posting; for others, users may post anonymously. Certain members of an online forum may be assigned as “moderators” with the privilege of banning or deleting users or postings that don’t fit the forum’s guidelines for activity.

The great thing about forums is that they will typically allow you to visit as a “lurker,” simply reading but not responding, until you work up enough courage or interest to share your viewpoint by commenting or starting a new “thread” of discussion.

When you become involved in a forum that truly interests you, you’ll discover… read more

Jun 19, 2019

When we focus on building up our business, we sometimes get bogged down in the operations, the constant challenges, and the problems. However, when we take a step back and look at the big picture, we realize that any business is all about its customers. With no customers, there are no sales; and with no sales, there’s zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

When you embrace this fundamental aspect of building your company, you realize that providing “customer love” must be your most important focus, both in your website and in your person-to-person interactions.

Offer resources galore for both your existing clients and visitors. Your thoughtfulness shows that you appreciate and support your customers. Casual visitors will turn… read more

Jun 18, 2019

The professional networking service,, continues to grow in usability and value, consider using this tool to provide your knowledge and insight into current trends in specific industries.

For example, recruiters post their tips on how to find qualified applicants; people with heavy involvement in new technologies answer specific, obscure, or technical questions; and people recommend services with which they have experience. It’s a continuous source of up-to-date information with more of a "work-related" feel.

If you’re an answer provider or you have some knowledge in a particular field, share your knowledge by answering other people’s questions. You might do this on LinkedIn or on a different service like a… read more

Jun 11, 2019

Most people prefer to spend time with their family and friends, pursue important activities, or get real work done instead of dealing with junk e- mail. What constitutes junk e-mail? Junk mail consists of any of the following:

e-mail for which the recipient did not sign up e-mail from which the recipient cannot unsubscribe e-mail without a link to the original site sending it

If you dislike junk mail as much as I do (and if you receive as much as I do in a typical day, you definitely dislike it), you’ll take extra precautions to insure that all your e-mail communications find a happy response upon their delivery.

E-mail communications form a large part of normal interactions with a company, so it’s best to start… read more

Jun 07, 2019

If you're a woman in STEM, you have many opportunities available to you to connect with other women founders. 

Here are some resources:


Women Techmakers (from Google): Community:

Women in Product Slack group:

Women Who Code:

Female Founders Community:

GIST Network:


Additional Resources for Women in STEM from the White House:

Tech Women, U.S. Department of State:

Women & Girls in STEM… read more

Jun 07, 2019

Founder Monica S. Flores discusses the importance of digital in nonprofit marketing, coordinating website redesigns, updating old processes, change management, why representation matters, and Vin Diesel.

Listen to WDG's other nonprofit StrategyBytes episodes on the FEEDBACK feed, and check out for more information.


Jun 04, 2019

Polls and quizzes add levity and a bit of entertainment to the typically tedious task of searching for a vendor online. Your quiz may be a way for visitors to “see how much they know” about your industry, with two to five questions that you’d like to ask. Your poll provides a way for you to gauge a response to your own questions. For example, for a site focused on product software, you might provide a poll asking what version users are currently using.

Make sure your quiz, poll, or questionnaire adds value to your site. If it’s relevant, sheds more light on your service, provides quick information to other visitors, or gives you information about who is visiting, use it.

Make sure your quiz or poll does not require… read more