May 14, 2019

In some fields, you provide a valuable service when you offer up-to-date information.

A delay of even a month on time-sensitive data may mean a different outcome to someone’s business.

Consider offering white papers as background research to web visitors who may need highly specific information to make an informed decision.

While you need not add proprietary code, trade secrets, or private information, you may add facts, figures, graphs, charts, preliminary studies, or research papers on your field.

Query experts in related fields to provide information that will help your consumer make a better decision.

For example:

a graphic designer may offer a printer’s perspective on styles, paper… read more

May 07, 2019

Create a calendar as a go-to reference for relevant events in your field.

Because of information overload and the openness of the Internet, web visitors appreciate when you filter, synthesize, and sort all the available events into a concise “must-attend” list. Such a calendar will help your visitors keep abreast of local or Internet-based events.

Ideas for events: networking events, informational seminars, speaker panels, conventions, book readings, work parties, volunteer opportunities, or other gatherings.

Use a calendar or set of calendars to organize your own work schedule and allow time for at least one networking event per month. For example, if you’ve been invited to speak on a panel, schedule this into… read more

Apr 30, 2019

A blog is easy to update and keeps you very current. Use your blog to create an informative, useful, and timely net that fishes out information, news, views, and opinions in your field.

Give readers meaningful explanations about your company by using blog posts to share your expertise.

Put yourself in great demand for services, products, and speaking or writing gigs as you post more quality blog items on your field of expertise, guest post on other blogs, promote new products and services, or highlight an interesting new initiative.

HINT: Do NOT post relentless commercial messages to your blog.

They’re not meaningful or engaging at all.

What will you post? Communicate from your own point of view… read more

Apr 23, 2019

The more complex and cluttered your website is, the harder time your visitor has when she visits.

Keep it simple.

Take some extra time to review your content from a new visitor’s perspective. Common business website issues for the general public include:

industry-specific jargon that a non-initiate would not understand (if your site is targeted to people who would understand your lexicon, by all means, stick to it; if you’re reaching out to people not familiar with your industry, at least add a glossary page)
  alphabet soup, with many abbreviations or acronyms that only specialists understand (just because you refer to it does not mean your customer understands it)
  cryptic navigation (test your… read more

Apr 16, 2019

If you haven't visited, you might want to take a look at this immensely successful community bulletin board service, which is organized around geographical locations and subject areas. The site is clean and easy to understand; it has black text with blue links on a white background, and it hasn't changed since its inception. The enduring quality of is part of its appeal: you always know what to expect when you visit. The content may change, but the format does not.

Change, when it comes, may be disconcerting to your regular visitors.

If you already have a certain look-and-feel for your site and you want to change it around a little bit, consider retaining some of the major elements, such as… read more

Apr 09, 2019

When you are encouraging your customers, associates, and friends to contact you, so give them clear instructions on how to do so. Since people like to connect with you by phone, via e-mail, or in person, cover all three preferred methods:

put your phone number on every page, include a link to your e-mail contact form, and post a list of any events, seminars, or panels that you’re attending or your company is sponsoring.

An e-mail contact form on your website does not need to show your actual e-mail address. One tip is to convert the e-mail link into a graphic (to reduce spam) or hide it in language only a real, live human may decode, like this: myname (at) my address (dot) com.

If you have multiple staff members, use a… read more

Mar 05, 2019

If your e-mail box is free of junk mail, congratulations. 🎉 ⁣

You’re one of the few people whose e-mail addresses didn’t “escape” into the wild world of Internet bulk mailers. 😠 ⁣

If you do receive unwanted e-mail, you know how important it is to offer privacy and confidentiality to your own clients 😃 who entrust you with their e-mail 📩and contact information.⁣

Offer the following pages in a clear posted place: your privacy policy, your terms and conditions of use, and your policies regarding data sharing. We encourage you to display links to these items from every page, typically on a sidebar or on the bottom of the page in the footer area.⁣

Add a link to your 🗝 privacy policy… read more

Feb 26, 2019

It’s a great idea to keep your content up-to-date and freshened up with news about your business.⁣

Checklist for ways to keep your digital platforms fresh: ⁣⁣

Blog posts⁣⁣⁣ Photo gallery⁣⁣ Event calendar⁣⁣ Latest press releases⁣⁣⁣ Latest newsletter⁣⁣⁣ Recent projects or upcoming projects⁣⁣⁣ Job opportunities⁣⁣ Volunteer opportunities⁣⁣ News archive⁣⁣⁣ White papers⁣⁣⁣ Published articles⁣⁣⁣ Member highlights⁣⁣⁣ Customer highlights⁣⁣⁣ Story of the month⁣⁣⁣ Notes from our CEO⁣⁣ Seasonal announcement⁣s⁣⁣ Staff profile⁣s Latest volunteer projects⁣⁣ Newest volunteers⁣⁣ Industry news⁣⁣⁣ Company announcements⁣⁣⁣ Recent awards⁣⁣⁣ Who’s who⁣⁣⁣ Expert analysis⁣⁣⁣ Charitable giving report

Feb 19, 2019

As you start to receive feedback or requests through your digital platforms, you’ll begin to hear the same comments or similar questions from multiple visitors. ⁣

In response to these #feedbackloops, consider implementing new features that match your users’ needs.⁣

Examples of inexpensive new features include a FAQs section, a daily photo or quote, and automatic sign-up systems. ⁣More examples:

Your “Frequently-Asked Questions” section gives a confused visitor a good place to start. ⁣
  A quote or photo personalizes your business.⁣
⁣ An estimate calculator gives visitors an opportunity to make rough estimates online. ⁣
⁣ Automatic membership and login sections give your… read more

Feb 12, 2019

Best practices for multimedia 🌐🆗⁣

Sometimes you may find that elements you *personally* understand may not be comprehensible to others. ⁣

For example: buttons, links, images, arrows, emoji’s, embedded movies, and music may enhance some page visitors —- but might confuse others. 🤷‍♀️ ⁣

Get a sense of who your end users are and design for their needs. ⁣

✅ Keep it simple.⁣

✅ Reduce complexity.⁣

✅ Streamline your e-checkout process as much as possible.⁣

✅ Remove extra elements that detract from your message.⁣

Make it easy for your potential customer to take the next step with… read more

Feb 05, 2019

Before going live with any of your website content, consider if the content is respectful, informative, and engaging enough to deserve display space. Also make sure your text is properly formatted, spell-checked, and grammatically correct. Crop and optimize images so they reduce the impact of load times for your page.

Since your users have just a few minutes to make up their minds about your service, give them adequate information to help them come to a favorable decision. When you make unsubstantiated claims or outlandish promises that no one is able to deliver or when you use any kind of “pushy” or even abusive language, your users will feel irritated, and your site will become off-putting. If you provide ground rules and a… read more

Jan 29, 2019

Humans naturally want to know with whom they’re dealing. Are you a robot spammer or are you a live person? Prove it in your “About Us” page, which displays information and pictures about the company’s directors, partners, and staff. ⠀

In today’s information overload society people have so much anonymous interaction that they appreciate any effort to personalize business interactions.⠀

I encourage you to add photos of your key players to your “About Us” page. These help make your company real to your visitors. If you’re a real person, you will have a real picture, a statement, a mini-biography (three paragraphs maximum), and a contact link. Add personal information to the extent that it enhances your… read more

Jan 22, 2019

The look and feel of your site conveys important clues to your users about your industry, your company’s standards, and your organization’s quality. Certain designs trigger certain reactions and expectations in your visitors. Pay particular attention to color, layout, font style, and user interface. 🎨⁣⠀

As you go through the design process, consider your message & your target client. Other websites in your field may yield clues, so do a search for your competitors or partners. Sometimes stereotypes do play a role. Sites targeting women are typically pink 💗or other pastel colors and have rounded shapes and edges, while sites targeting men are deeper colors with more angular edges.⁣⠀

Add pictures of people if yours is… read more

Jan 15, 2019

“Who are you? What are you about? Do you have what I want? Who else uses your products or services? How do I contact you?” These are the questions your customer has, so answer them! 😊⠀


Here are some guidelines to developing your content:⠀

Use answers to these basic questions to structure the information on your website: ⠀


* Who are you?⠀

* What do you do?⠀

* Where are you located?⠀

* When are you available to help me?⠀

* How do you help?⠀

* Why should I choose you?⠀

* How do I contact you?⠀

* What’s… read more

Jan 01, 2019

Your website is probably the first big investment you'll make into your business.⠀

Our global information age means that your website is not optional. It is expected. Our 24/7 mentality also means that your website will be queried during and outside of your personal working hours. When you clearly label information, you do more than make it easy for a visitor to find an answer to her question, understand your pricing, or sign up for an account with your business. You also establish an automatic advantage because your website works for you, both as an integral part of your business process and as a means of extending your company’s accessibility and reach.⠀

read more

Oct 05, 2018

Hep Audrey is a British jewellery lifestyle brand selling affordable fashion jewellery. We pride ourselves in our original, fresh and elegant designs. Our collections range from the classic to the quirky. Currently, we sell necklaces, pendants and earrings. We are set to launch bracelets shortly. We also take bespoke orders. There is something for everyone and something for every occasion in our product assortment. Come explore our products @! We ship globally and accept free returns...

When did you launch Hep Audrey?
We launched Hep Audrey in mid May. It was a crazy 3 months prior to that to crystallise the product offer, supply chain and website functionality. With some kick ass project managed skills,… read more

Aug 24, 2018

Hi! I'm Anna. The illustrator and owner behind Anna Grunduls Design. What is it that I do? It all starts with adult coloring pages. I illustrate them with very intricate details and than use the artworks to create fun stationery. My paper goods are very unique in the way that everything can be colored in! Posters, stickers, cards, even adhesive tapes!

What made you decide to start the business?
I was commissioned by an Australian publisher to illustrate an adult coloring book and I had a ton of fun with it. I've always loved making intricate art. When I got the book, I felt it could be much more. I started experimenting with printing the illustrations on other mediums and in various sizes. That's how I came up with the… read more

May 04, 2018

As the founder and CEO of Bracelet Crews, Akrashie Naa Borley makes a positive difference for herself and others through creating heartfelt, beautifully hand crafted pieces that support the needs, goals, and desires of women. With a focus on individual empowerment, the simple beauty of working alongside other women and supporting other women's dreams, and a desire to create heartfelt connection with the power inside each of us, she has boldly stepped forward into the jewelry market to create charming accessories for a "strong generation who believes in life and knows that together, we can achieve anything."


Empowering and advocating for women come naturally for Akrashie, and she's always up… read more

Mar 22, 2018

A Successful Woman is a web community focused on supporting women in their journey to becoming more successful.
The mission of A Successful Woman is to provide a safe and supportive space for women of vision and action to gather and learn how to make a positive difference in the world - together.

On this site, we will offer you and your business specific guidance and tools on how to increase your reach, market effectively, master technology, and reach profitability.

Browse our articles and find 100s of tips, tactics and ideas from our highly popular blog. Share ideas and learn from our community.

We look forward to your participation.

Mar 13, 2018

We caught up with Maseru through the Simbi online bartering platform. As a recent contractor and now full-fledged business provider, she shares some of her background with us.


What made you decide to start the business? 

Shekinah Business Solutions is an online company that I started this year 2018. I am a professional female freelancer from Lesotho, Africa. I am a black woman who refused to let her environment and circumstances define her. When I started freelancing, I was located in the deep mountains of the nation and had to travel over an hour to get to a place with electricity to work. I was tired of the situation I was in, tired of accepting that just because I was born in a 3rd world African nation and… read more

Jan 24, 2018

My favorite time of day has become the blue hour. That time before dawn when in the distance you can see blue. A friend recently posted on Facebook about it — I had no idea that it had a name, but I love it! I LOVE SILENCE. I love silence a lot more than I should probably admit. With three kids in their tween & teens, I really appreciate that I wake up early without help and ENJOY being productive before anyone else is even up. I sometimes even get outside and enjoy the colors of that blue hour as, in my opinion, they are magnificent! There’s nothing like the silence coupled with the beauty of the world.

Living in south Florida we rarely get to open… read more

Jan 24, 2018

When I confirmed a sit-down interview date with Angela Lee last year, I didn’t realize quite how much of a headliner she was.

Looking for names of women under 40 who have successfully started their own companies, I found her in Entrepreneur Magazine, in the article “Six Innovative Women to Watch in 2015.”

When we set the interview date, I (wisely) decided to do some research, and found that Angela is not only the founder of 37 Angels, the investment community and training program for female investors. She’s also a publicly recognized business expert, highly sought-after on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business Network. If that wasn’t enough, she also serves as the Assistant Dean of Columbia University’s Business… read more

Jan 24, 2018

This is a man’s world, and Kit Hickey, is trying to change that mantra, one dress suit at a time.

“We invent apparel,” she tells me, as we start our casual phone conversation about her company, Ministry of Supply, which she started three years ago.

Ministry of Supply is the Boston-based company that Kit and co-founders Aman Advani and Gihan Amarasiriwardena started while they were MBA students at MIT. They use the same technology that NASA uses to develop its space suits, in creating dress shirts that are designed for a better fit and greater comfort. To be specific, their shirts minimize perspiration and odor, and are also wrinkle-free.

But for… read more

Jan 24, 2018

It has been 11 months of being a single founder of a startup. As I have spent several months, I learned about time management on how to do things when not everything is moving in a speed that I wanted. I have to be mindful on what I am doing. Here are a few learnings that I want to share.

Meta management of time

The money and time is one of the most valuable pieces in one’s life and this is more true for startup. Especially managing time is more challenging than others because of wearing many hats as a single founder. As a result, I give a extra thought on how I am spending my time and whether it is worth it or not. I call it as ‘Meta management of time’. I use morning time to decide what to work on and my meta management… read more

Jan 24, 2018

Did you know that increasing female leadership in British business was a priority on the government level? That wasn’t merely words.

The former Prime Minister’s David Cameron administration called for an end to all-male boards of directors anywhere on the FTSE350 and set the goal of reaching 33% female representation on corporate boards by 2020.

Lord Davies, Parliamentary at the House of Lords, worked on the guidelines for ‘Improving the Gender Balance on British Boards’ program to voluntarily involve FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) corporations in increasing number of women on top positions.

read more