Building the Community to Support Female Founders

Alaya Tea Launch 2019

Welcome to Female Founders Lead the Way, your network for support, resources, and connections. 

We work alongside each other to build and grow our companies.

Women entrepreneurs lead the way, and our vision is to build a strong network of female founders.


Our goal is to create a sense of belonging, trust, and mutual aid with our "sisters in business" who:

  • connect across industries and locations,
  • develop our own entrepreneurial ecosystem,
  • improve our abilities, and
  • raise each other up.


When female founders support one another, amplify each other's voices, and build opportunities to work together, we advance all of our endeavors, and we make a positive difference -- together.


Three Ways to Get Connected

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We are so grateful for all your support.

We help you pilot, launch, and scale your venture.

Serving 200,000 female founders by 2020.  🚀 


Join us for support, resources, and connections for your women-owned or women-led organization.


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xo monica

Monica Flores, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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