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  • 51 Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online, e-book

    You'll learn how to effectively increase your net profits, build a base of loyal fans, and improve your triple bottom line after implementing these tips and tools for your website. "Everyone has a level playing field on the Web," says Flores, a programmer since age 9. She's collected nine years of research as a web consultant into this easy-to-…

  • Social Media Posting Schedule 2019

    A collected Google Sheet with easy-to-fill-out columns and rows to prompt your social media calendar. Includes most common hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayTips, and #WednesdayWisdom.

    Copy the sheet into your own Drive and make changes to suit your own schedule.

    Mark when an item is loaded up into your posting tool, or…

  • 51 Consejos para Construir su Comunidad

    He creado esta colección de consejos para mejorar tu sitio web.

    Implementarlos en su propia línea de tiempo.

    Espero que llegue con comentarios, preguntas y comentarios adicionales.

  • Web Development for Drupal website

    I've been building sites since 2008 on the Drupal platform and will set up your website if it's a straightforward site with features such as: blog, announcements, press releases, event calendar + registration, e-commerce (digital download or physical products), and similar needs.

    These projects work better when you have a fairly good…