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Social Media Posting Schedule 2019 posting schedule

A collected Google Sheet with easy-to-fill-out columns and rows to prompt your social media calendar. Includes most common hashtags like #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayTips, and #WednesdayWisdom.

Copy the sheet into your own Drive and make changes to suit your own schedule.

Mark when an item is loaded up into your posting tool, or…
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51 Consejos para Construir su Comunidad Spanish 51 Ways

He creado esta colección de consejos para mejorar tu sitio web.

Implementarlos en su propia línea de tiempo.

Espero que llegue con comentarios, preguntas y comentarios adicionales.

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51 Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online, e-book 51 Ways

Chapter 1: Website Basics: Your Website as an Extension of Your Company 
Tip 1: Prepare Yourself: How Much Does It Cost?
Tip 2: Think About your Content: Explain it Well
Tip 3: Design Necessities: Be Bold and Succinct
Tip 4: Your “About Us” Page: Encourage Trust
Tip 5: Think About the User: Be…
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Web Development for Drupal website 10K Webdesign

I've been building sites since 2008 on the Drupal platform and will set up your website if it's a straightforward site with features such as: blog, announcements, press releases, event calendar + registration, e-commerce (digital download or physical products), and similar needs.

These projects work better when you have a fairly good…
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