Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips #32: Are you Legitimate? Add Testimonials

Being Filipino means my family knows how to eat well. While I was growing up, my mom (and grandmothers) always told me to have food only at a restaurant where there are lots of other people in line.

Have you ever joined a line for a restaurant because there were other people in line?

Have you ever chosen a particular dentist, doctor, pediatrician, or any kind of specialist based on your friend’s or family member’s recommendation?

People “love” to go with other people’s recommendations.

Tuesday Tips #30: Show, Don't Tell

If you have a product or service that benefits from a “show-and-tell” approach, consider creating a demonstration section on your homepage, or create a series of video posts explaining different aspects of your business. Human beings respond very well to moving images, especially videos with people, animals, or babies, sound effects, or three- dimensional objects.

Tuesday Tips #29: Use Social Networking

Why bother with social networking? With the incredible amounts of visual and audio information out there, you have little time to make an impact. Many of us receive thousands of advertising messages a day. So, in response, some resort to personal recommendations from friends, family, and associates. If referrals are the lifeblood of any organization, and reputation-based word of mouth is one of the most trusted and highest-converting methods of making a sale, then your ability to get your message out to “people who make a difference” will enhance your net profit, guaranteed.

Tuesday Tips #28: Be Personable: Meet People Online and Offline

Many smart women know how to succeed academically or do a great job in the office, but how many realize that most of their professional lives are determined by "who they know?"

Who do you know?

Who do you work with?

Is “who will help us?” your first question when you tackle a new project or initiative?

The "who" question, probably the most important question, will be the first to pop into your mind when you need to find contacts that help you with your current task at hand.

Tuesday Tips #27: Share Links: High Quality means High Results

Search engine listings typically count the number of incoming and outgoing links from your pages. When your page has hundreds or thousands of incoming links, search engines add a level of “authority” to your web page: this level increases your page ranking in search results. 

Exchange links with other high-quality websites to promote your company. When you exchange a link with another website owner, check the accuracy of the link and spell-check the descriptive text. Refrain from posting on “splogs” (fake blogs) or on sites that primarily consist of unrelated links or paid links. These do not assist your page ranking.

Tuesday Tips #26: Show your Trust, Provide Referral Links

When people trust you, you are one step ahead of any other vendor they have in mind. Trust forms the basis of many relationships, and the mutually beneficial relationship that customers and providers share depends on trust.

I recommend you take some time during your business planning process every year to develop an “Ideal Client Template” of your desired customers. When you do this, you make it easier and faster to identify and “sort” the people you’ll potentially serve.

Tuesday Tips #25: You’re a Clearinghouse, Link to Subject Matter

Subject matter changes quickly as knowledge grows in a particular field. Today’s information worker processes hundreds of pieces of information in a month from newspapers, radio, television, and internet usage. As a result of the ever-expanding knowledge base in the world, your reputation as someone “in the know” helps your customers and clients trust your judgement.

Act as a clearinghouse of select information by incorporating the following into your industry:

Tuesday Tips #24: Be a Good Host, Network and Share

Your digital properties are your home on the web where you will continuously act as hostess to numerous visitors, interested parties, and passers-by who visit you online. Consider ways in which you may extend hospitality to other people in your field of interest by knowing how to be a good guest, too!

My biggest recommendation for networking is, in the words of Dante, from a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Participate, help, and find ways to provide value to the people with whom you work online. All of us working together truly make a larger difference.

For example,